Montessori Education in the 21st Century, 22 – 24 April 2016

Drs. Elisabeth C.J. Mattijssen (Montessori teacher, Master in Pedagogy and neuro-psychologist), drs. Ward van de Vijver (Master in Pedagogy) and Chris Willemsen (Montessori teacher and Manager development “Nienhuis Montessori”) are the principle contributors for increasing the knowledge of teachers and parents of Montessori education and exchange of experiences and ideas.

This seminar offers a profound insight into infancy 0-3 and early childhood 3-6, and understanding of development of child's personality by teachers and parents. The programme is a unique and gives opportunity for all teachers and parents, together with an international group of teachers, то gain substantial insights into Montessori principles, the development of young children, the attitude of the Montessori teacher and adult and the most recent research in the field. Besides Montessori knowledge, psychology and practical work you can learn how to improve your education, develop observation skills and the use of didactical skills. You can learn to understand children’s true needs so they may develop their full potential.
The fee for the seminar is 130 BGN per person for the weekend, which includes 1 dinner and 1 lunch. The fee for 1 day participation (Saturday or Sunday) is 60 BGN per person.