Education of the 21st century

Montessori education is often considered as old fashioned. But it isn’t! Dr. Montessori was way ahead her time and already observed what scientist conclude nowadays based upon their research. Child-centered education is working much better than teacher-centered education. Have you ever seen a group of 25 children wanting to learn the same thing, at the same time at the same place? That is why Montessori education uses the childs interests instead of forcing the child to learn something in which it isn’t interested. Montessori education is a science-based didactical approach. Children learn through play because the hands are a very important instrument to ‘train the brain’. As knowledge changes so quickly nowadays, maybe it is more important to learn how to find knowledge that the knowledge itself.

However, Montessori education is also a very strong pedagogical approach. Soft skills become more and more important in our children’s future. They have to learn how to work together, with peer groups but also with children from different ages, just like in the real world. That’s why Montessori education has mixed-age groups. Older children help younger children which is better then any test, and younger children already see where they are heading.

Children need to learn to become responsible for their own learning and environment. They need time and space to practice, but they also have to care about the other children and make sure the classroom stays in good order. in this way we prepare them to become responsible adults.

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